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Saturday, June 16, 2007

We went swimming with Jennifer and Molly Kate. The girls had a blast. The kiddy pool is perfest for Rachel to walk around. Lydia had to be the big girl and make sure both girls did not get away too far from us. It took Lydia 5 min. to not want to hold on to me in the BIG pool. She of course had her little ring on too!!! It was a good cousin day!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tricycle tri-atholon

Lydia rode in a fun tri-atholon at the park. It was for 2-6 yr olds where they ran, rode their tricycles/ bicycles, and ran through the sprinklers to swim! She got to break the red finish line tape!! We played at the park after for awhile! Rachel loves to swing but loves to put mulch in her mouth even better!!!

Cousin Fun

We got together with my brother, his family and Mama for a cookout and to let the kids play. Lydia had so much fun that she talked about it for days after! Rachel has got better about the water. At first she was scared but now I have to be careful with her! They are so cute in their bathing suits!!

Fun Park in the Back yard

The girls got a new playset !!Lydia is getting more use out of it but soon Rachel will be up there too! We made sure it gets afternoon shade from our tree! Lydia loves to say "push me high" and Rachel just grins and laughs!