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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beauty Queen(a.k.a. DRAMA QUEEN)

She got some Little girl make-up from Aunt Karen! We got dolled up and she was loving it! In the picture she is blowing kisses! I was snapping the camera fast and saying "work it girl". She loved it. Daddy got some glitter lip gloss too!

Christmas Morning!

Sant Claus came to our house but if you ask Lydia she will say "No I was asleep". The girls woke us up but did not realize what was in the living room! Avery's mom let us borrow the video camera for Christmas morning. Rachel is not old enough to drive the jeep but she loves to ride!! Avery had Lydia pulling the wagon before it was over! I love the jeep just as much as they do!

We had a Merry Christmas

We had a busy Christmas but it was good! Picture of the family was taken before church, this was the best we could do( I ran over to take the picture after a 10 sec delay from snapping the photo). The Ashby family got together in a cabin on Tim's Ford lake. We did breakfast and presents the next morning. We had a blast. Karen did a wonderful job on matching pajamas for the kids! The kids giggled for the longest before finally falling asleep that night. Lydia trading covers with Aunt Karen in the middle of the night while she was asleep. Grammy saw it!

God is good! We are blessed with beautiful little girls!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Lydia's School

Lydia loves her speech class! This is her teacher Ms. Pennington! Lydia can say her teachers name better than she can say DOG. ( go figure that one) Good news was given to us! She is improving so well that by the time she starts kindergarten she may not need speech!! Yeah! Lydia has a friend that comes on Monday to speech with her. They hold hands as they walk down the hall!( too cute)

Family Night

We did a night out to Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills. We did the free parking there and scooted over to Opryland Hotel to see the lights. Little did we know that Santa would be there. Since the girls had not seen him yet, we had to tell him if they were good girls or bad girls. Lydia ran up to him. Rachel, seeing that Lydia wasn't afraid, went right up to him with no problem! We all had a good time!
Jennifer ..... do you remeber all the years that we would get together and go to Opryland Hotel ! It was tradition!!I have some pics of your Dad with a perm!Ha.....Ha!

Cookie Time

Daddy and the girls made cookies! It took two batches because Avery did 1 TABLEspoon instead of 1 TEAspoon. Lydia didn't care as long as she was with her Daddy! Rachel was running around opening cabinets!