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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brighton Emersyn Stovall

Welcome baby Brighton to the Stovall family. We are so glad Misty and baby are doing well. Little Brighton's belly has been giving her problems but prayers that it is not too serious. I know Misty is glad to have her Mom and Dad down from NewYork to help spoil the baby. The jury is still out on whether she resembles Misty or Seth more. I think she is a perfect mix!

Camping Fun

We were able to go camping. We hope to some more before it gets too cold. The girls loved it of course. I have found out that fire smoke keeps mosquitoes away! We will have a fire from sun up to sun down! Things went a bit smoother with knowing a little more what was needed and to make sure the camper was stocked. This about as much of roughing it as I want to get. The most fun was the visits from family. Mimi and Don came by and Grammy and Papaw came by in the bus and brought cool glow-in -the-dark night sticks! Having others to share in the fun was the best! Anyone who wants to join us in camping....let us know!!!!

Tumbling Class

The girls are in Tumbling class once a week. Lydia is aBig Dipper and Rachel is a Little Dipper. They jump, tumble, flip, balance...etc. I tried to get Lydia into soccer....she said no....tried ballet/ this was a yes !

I tried to help Lydia with her cartwheels at home but only put a big scrape on her face. Oops!

Lydia is in the pink/ black bottom outfit!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


If you have never been to Dixie Stampede it is a must! The girls were so good the 2hours we were there. You get served in a different way and there is no utensils!! We got a ticket for Rachel so we would not have to hold her in our lap the entire time. It is money well spent!

Family Vacation

We went to Gatlinburg for a quick get-away! We stayed at the Rocky Top motel. This motel is where I stayed at every year as a child. It was very clean but was obviously from another era.
The girls didn't know any different. They had fun at the aquarium but the best was Dixie Stampede.( a must go to in Gatlinburg)