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Sunday, March 30, 2008


What is a special time you remember growing up about getting together with your grandparents or just spending time with family?
Remember: time is fixed , you can't get it back and you can ultimately change the amt of time you have in the future by what you do today.

Love to all!


Easter was fun! The picture was of just the 3-5 yr olds with Avery's family. We decided to start alternating get togethers in order for us to enjoy ourselves and not be running! We hated not being at my families Easter. It looked like everyone had fun by looking at the blog spots.
YES that is a ride on toy that used to be common at parks. My father-in law found them at a junk yard, poured concrete and set them up for the grandchildren. There is also a squirrel but the horse seems to be the favorite!! Thanks to Colleen( Avery's cousin for the pictures)! They show only a smiggen of the fun the girls had playing with their 1st and 2nd cousins!
Avery got to do his paintball with Marcus!(the others couldn't stay) JOE/JOSH you need to show Avery the ropes of what professional "ballers" are!!!!

Lydia's Preschool Music and Art Show

Lydia has not been in preschool long but was able to participate in their program. She sang one song about Zaccheus in the tree! I invited the grandparents to enjoy this time. The one where Lydia is laughing hard was when she saw Grammy. They had to stand next to their art and we met them in the room. Lydia loves her preschool and she is learning and doing so much more than I ever could do. She has improved so much just in 1 month!
My favorite has to be the"self portrait " she drew. She said she meant to give herself the 1 huge foot 1 small foot!
Rachel still cries when she leaves her sister at preschool!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt Practice

We got together for our usual Sunday at Grammy and Papa's and thought since it was so nice, we would have a practice Easter egg hunt! Everybody had a blast. The kids even hid eggs while the grown-ups hunted for them. An accident took place between Karen and Avery. Avery saw an egg and so did Karen. They both ran for it. Avery knocked Karen down and stepped on her toe. Sibling love!!
We also flew kites courtesy of Grammy's dollar store clearance finds. Uncle B.W. was having a hard time with his kite. We blame it on a defective kite!!!

Sunday Dresses

Sunday morning pictures happen rarely due to time constaints. You can see Rachel's scraped eye/ nose that happened on the GIRLS NIGHT OUT! I can't get over how fast Lydia is growing!


This is Lydia's big girl bed. We were indecisive on whether to get twin or full size. We figured this would do well for several years. Then at some point she can get a nice bedrm. set that will hopefully last her for years! Rachel is just as excited about it. We will put her in a toddler bed hopefully by the time she is 2!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sorry I have not updated...
Lydia and Rachel just finished up a round of antibiotics. Rachel had strepthroat and got pretty sick for a couple of days. Lydia's was caught early so not as severe.Both are feeling good now. Rachel has developed a runny nose as soon as we stopped antibiotcs.

I have been working alot. Every Mon/Wed/Fri. and soon to include weekends. Lydia started preschool on Tues. She said"mama there is alot of kids to play with". She loves it. She has a back pack and princess lunch bag!She will go on Teus/Thurs from 9a -1:30
Lydia also has a big girl bed with cute sheet/ bedding to go with it.

Rachel is saying lots of words. Hello is "lo" Water is "wa-wee". Aunt Misty has taught her "guitar". She is healing from her fall on the night we had girls night out. Scraped her face /nose/ forhead. Healing from that well.

Avery will be having oral surgery soon. no date set but it don't sound fun. We hope it will be soon so he can recover for our PARIS,FRANCE. We plan to leave the last weekend in May if everything goes well.