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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beauty Queen(a.k.a. DRAMA QUEEN)

She got some Little girl make-up from Aunt Karen! We got dolled up and she was loving it! In the picture she is blowing kisses! I was snapping the camera fast and saying "work it girl". She loved it. Daddy got some glitter lip gloss too!

Christmas Morning!

Sant Claus came to our house but if you ask Lydia she will say "No I was asleep". The girls woke us up but did not realize what was in the living room! Avery's mom let us borrow the video camera for Christmas morning. Rachel is not old enough to drive the jeep but she loves to ride!! Avery had Lydia pulling the wagon before it was over! I love the jeep just as much as they do!

We had a Merry Christmas

We had a busy Christmas but it was good! Picture of the family was taken before church, this was the best we could do( I ran over to take the picture after a 10 sec delay from snapping the photo). The Ashby family got together in a cabin on Tim's Ford lake. We did breakfast and presents the next morning. We had a blast. Karen did a wonderful job on matching pajamas for the kids! The kids giggled for the longest before finally falling asleep that night. Lydia trading covers with Aunt Karen in the middle of the night while she was asleep. Grammy saw it!

God is good! We are blessed with beautiful little girls!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Lydia's School

Lydia loves her speech class! This is her teacher Ms. Pennington! Lydia can say her teachers name better than she can say DOG. ( go figure that one) Good news was given to us! She is improving so well that by the time she starts kindergarten she may not need speech!! Yeah! Lydia has a friend that comes on Monday to speech with her. They hold hands as they walk down the hall!( too cute)

Family Night

We did a night out to Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills. We did the free parking there and scooted over to Opryland Hotel to see the lights. Little did we know that Santa would be there. Since the girls had not seen him yet, we had to tell him if they were good girls or bad girls. Lydia ran up to him. Rachel, seeing that Lydia wasn't afraid, went right up to him with no problem! We all had a good time!
Jennifer ..... do you remeber all the years that we would get together and go to Opryland Hotel ! It was tradition!!I have some pics of your Dad with a perm!Ha.....Ha!

Cookie Time

Daddy and the girls made cookies! It took two batches because Avery did 1 TABLEspoon instead of 1 TEAspoon. Lydia didn't care as long as she was with her Daddy! Rachel was running around opening cabinets!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The fun kids can have with a Box

Lydia dumped all of her toys out and was using it as adog house. Of course Rachel is all up in the mix of things! Nothing like hanging around the house on a cold day!


Hey there! Everybody is doing well. As it is getting colder it is limiting our outside time! The girls are enjoying every last minute!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Labor Day Weekend 2007

We went on our vacation to Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge this past weekend! Lydia really got into it! I was glad we went away! it was last minute, we put the girls in their pajamas and hit the road! Little did we know that once we got in the room, the girls would be wide eyed and ready for fun at 1 a.m. Lydia got to mine for rocks with her Daddy( I think this is a long tradition with Avery). Lydia didn't want to leave, neither did we!!!!

Lydia cuts her own Hair!!!

BEFORE AND AFTER!!! Lydia tried to cut her hair herself! Lydia cut one big side off and was starting on the other side when Avery came in to spoil the fun! Those scissors have always been there. It was while I was at work when this event took place. She told Avery " No, me do it. I'm a big girl, i promise!" It was too late to carry her some place , so she went to Sunday School with funky hair. We had it fixed right after church. they tried to layer it so we could keep some length. She is proud of her BIG GIRL HAIRCUT !!!!

Rachel Turns 1 Year Old

Rachel turned 1 year old and kept going! She has grown up so fast. I feel like I have taken less pictures of her 1st year. I can see now why #2 children complain about the pictures! I am making an effort to try harder. She loved everything she got. Cousins: Cora, Mae, Bert, Michael, Bayleigh and Molly Kate came to celebrate her special day!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

camera malfunction

I am sorry for no updates lately but our digital camera has broke. We have to highly search for a new one, so any suggestions would be great. Maybe we will give Pasalakis papratzi( spelling) a call for some suggestions.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

We went swimming with Jennifer and Molly Kate. The girls had a blast. The kiddy pool is perfest for Rachel to walk around. Lydia had to be the big girl and make sure both girls did not get away too far from us. It took Lydia 5 min. to not want to hold on to me in the BIG pool. She of course had her little ring on too!!! It was a good cousin day!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tricycle tri-atholon

Lydia rode in a fun tri-atholon at the park. It was for 2-6 yr olds where they ran, rode their tricycles/ bicycles, and ran through the sprinklers to swim! She got to break the red finish line tape!! We played at the park after for awhile! Rachel loves to swing but loves to put mulch in her mouth even better!!!

Cousin Fun

We got together with my brother, his family and Mama for a cookout and to let the kids play. Lydia had so much fun that she talked about it for days after! Rachel has got better about the water. At first she was scared but now I have to be careful with her! They are so cute in their bathing suits!!

Fun Park in the Back yard

The girls got a new playset !!Lydia is getting more use out of it but soon Rachel will be up there too! We made sure it gets afternoon shade from our tree! Lydia loves to say "push me high" and Rachel just grins and laughs!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spider Walker

Rachel can walk all the way down the hall without holding on to anything. She loves to walk and actually gets mad if you try to help her. She now has a 7th tooth popping out of her mouth!! There are 3 that are totally not out but you can see 7 already

Lydia turned the BIG 3 years old. We had a little party at McDonalds! She had a blast. Now she is talking about who's birthday party it is next so she can play with ballooons and eat cake!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rachel update

Rachel is doing well. We think she may have those seasonl allergies because the fever from Easter got better just as fast as it had come on. She is on the move. She can go anywhere with crawling. Avery has given her the first nickname as" spider crawler" because she went up the stairs(YES THE BIG, BIG STAIRS) half way before we knew it(scary thought). She walks with her walker hippo down the hall grinning from ear to ear the whole time!!! She can't walk without holding on to something. We have officially brought the safety gates back out and Lydia HATES it because she can't open them and move freely in the house.


Lydia had a great time hunting eggs. She did better the first time than the second. I guess she was just tired of it. At Grammy's and Papaw's house, her and Cora had just as much fun with the garden wagon. Rachel couldn't join us because she was sick with fever. Daddy volunteered real quick to stay at home all afternoon and watch T.V.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Circus with Mimi was fun! It was a one ring circus in Shelbyville! Lydia really liked the white horses! They all got shirts too!! Lydia didn't like the cotton candy so I ate most of it! She did like the lemonade!!( pictured: Michael, Bayleigh, and my Lydia)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I LOVE Green Beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel makes the biggest mess with her eating. I know... she's just learning! I try to aim for her mouth but it keeps moving! We have tried lots of new foods! Lydia wanted her picture made with her sippy cup of choc. milk. She is already got that jealous streak as all siblings do at times!!

Hospital Stay

Rachel stayed in the hospital for 4 days/3 nights. She had a typical cold that just got bad enough she had to have breathing treatments and was on oxygen temporarily. She was in good spirits considering what had to be done. Everyone is better now and doing great, THANK THE LORD!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Six Months old Today

This is Lydia at 8 months old!!!!!!!
These last two pics are of Rachel taken today!!

Happy six months birthday today Miss Rachel!!!
She is starting to sit up for brief periods then falls to the side . This outfit was taken of Lydia too!!! Compare the differences!! They both love to eat the dress. Rachel still has growing room in the dress though!