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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Kin foke!

Don't you love it! Family fun! I was looking at some pictures taken recently and couldn't help but feel that these pics deserved some recognition. I won't give names to protect identity.
Love ya!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Grammy called to see if she come get the girls to let them spend the night. I told Lydia and that is all she talked about the whole day! I explained that Papaw would get them after nap! Needless to say she took a great nap. When she woke up shoes were on in 5 minutes and she sat in the same spot for 45 minutes......Anticipation.....Patience.......Waiting.........watching....That's love!

The picture tell it all!

We got to see the new movie "Ironman", ate at Mim's Cafe, and strolled around at Barnes and Noble! It was a faun night for all!!

Pizza Party

Every Sunday we try to fix homemade pizzas. I prepare all of the ingridients and Avery usuually puts the pizzas together with his 2 assistants. In this picture we got 2 small pizzas so each girl could have there own. The pizza in the picture has not been cooked yet. The dough is cooked ... all that has to be done is warming in the oven! Someone could not wait.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Big Girl Bike

Lydia got her bicycle for her 4th birthday! She loves it! Rachel has got the tricycle hand-me -down! We hope this will be the fun stuff to do with camping! i can remember hours of riding the bicycle especially during the summer! Lydia had 2 falldowns within the first hour of her riding. She was turning the wheel too sharp!(she will learn)
She had Transportation day at preschool and got to bring her bicycle. She even had her driver's license made. Too cute!

Big girl bed

Rachel has been sleeping in her big girl bed for a couple of weeks. She is doing well and not trying to get up. We are transitioning her because Misty and Seth are going to use the crib for their "little one " thats on the way!
Time flies by so fast! I can'tbelieve it. I wish to had slowed down a little bit especially when I think of holding my babies and wrapping them up in the receiving blanket and giving them bottles. They grow up quick and don't wait for you to have time later! it's never too late to start slowing down to enjoy the moment. When it's's a memory or if you were not there....not even a memory. I am enjoying the time with just Rachel since Lydia's been in preschool!