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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Labor Day Weekend 2007

We went on our vacation to Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge this past weekend! Lydia really got into it! I was glad we went away! it was last minute, we put the girls in their pajamas and hit the road! Little did we know that once we got in the room, the girls would be wide eyed and ready for fun at 1 a.m. Lydia got to mine for rocks with her Daddy( I think this is a long tradition with Avery). Lydia didn't want to leave, neither did we!!!!

Lydia cuts her own Hair!!!

BEFORE AND AFTER!!! Lydia tried to cut her hair herself! Lydia cut one big side off and was starting on the other side when Avery came in to spoil the fun! Those scissors have always been there. It was while I was at work when this event took place. She told Avery " No, me do it. I'm a big girl, i promise!" It was too late to carry her some place , so she went to Sunday School with funky hair. We had it fixed right after church. they tried to layer it so we could keep some length. She is proud of her BIG GIRL HAIRCUT !!!!

Rachel Turns 1 Year Old

Rachel turned 1 year old and kept going! She has grown up so fast. I feel like I have taken less pictures of her 1st year. I can see now why #2 children complain about the pictures! I am making an effort to try harder. She loved everything she got. Cousins: Cora, Mae, Bert, Michael, Bayleigh and Molly Kate came to celebrate her special day!