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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eatable Playdoh

I got this recipe off of the Jon and Kate plus 8 show! I did not tell them it was playdoh. I don't want to associate playdoh with eating. We called it yum yum doh, lydia heard me say playdoh and strated calling it Playdoh. I did not realize how much I made and had to throw alot away.
equal parts: honey, peanut butter,and powdered milk. I liked to add some flour to make it not as sticky and easier to handle.

Water Park

We met Jennifer and Molly Kate at the Smyrna Water park for some fun. Lydia took right off running thru the water. Molly Kate and Rachel were happy at the edge splashing their feet. We had a great picnic lunch. The best thing about did not cost a thing to get into the water park!!! Of course gas to get it did cost an arm and a leg to drive there! Ha, ha. Now more than ever I wouldn't mind the compact fuel efficient hybrid car vs. gas guzzler SUV.

Picnic Fun

We had a picnic outside. It is funny the simple things that get kids excited. Same lunch just eaten outside on the picnic table. I just wish we had more trees to shade the yard. Lydia and Rachel had a Fundip also. Do you remember those growing up.......flavored sugar and you used a candy stick to dip it!!! SUGAR HIGH!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

More of Paris

There were so many beautiful things. There are stained glass in the Notre Dame 400+ yrs old. We really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the gardens. There were lots of people but was blocked off by trees making you feel like you were there alone. The night scene is of the Champ Elysses( Rodeo Drive of Paris) Lots of expensive designer brand stuff.
We loved the mass transit subway/ train system. We never missed a car while we were there. I could see myself living in Paris. The language barrier would be the worst.

Sunday, June 01, 2008



We are still in Paris . It is Sun at 6p.m.(11a.m. in Tn.) We are so tired from being on the go but the city is beautiful. I thought I would share some pics we took!!!

pic1: Notre Dame
pic2:Arc de Triumphe
pic3: Eiffel tower
pic4: the Louvre
Pray for our safe return and girls WE MISS YOU!