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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rock a bye Rachel

Miss Lydia wanted to rock Rachel hard. i told her she had to be gentle, but you what gentle is for a 2 year old( not in vocabulary yet).
This is a picture of Rachel in my baby doll crib that was made for me when I was a little girl. My step-grandfather( Papa) made this for me. Jennifer had one very similar. Granny wanted to make sure I took some pictures of Rachel in it and Lydia rocking her in it. There you go Granny, pictures are coming your way! By the way, yeah Granny got to come home to Bedford Co. today to nursing home. She still has MRSA and is on isolation but breathing is good so far!! She's a tough old cookie!!

Rachel is raising her head up well and on her arms. This week she started rolling over from her back to belly!!! Time flies! She went to the doctor Monday for her runny nose and cough. She was fine and doctor said to just monitor. Lydia went to the doctor on Saturday and was given 3 different medicine. The doctor seemed concernedabout Lydia even on Monday when we went for Rachel. We have a follow-up in 1 week to see if she's better. ( Doctor said she was wheezing in her chest) We are just trying to stay in as much as possible with the weather getting cold now!! Avery's B-day was Saturday and he was treated to a take-out pizza he had to go get. We wanted to go out but the girls are sick. Things you do when you're a Mama and Daddy!.... The pizza was really good, honest!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Rachel loves to lay in the corner of the chair. I can't leave her there since she is moving more now! She is so content. We went to Emily's Halloween Party on Saturday. Rachel did very well. Lydia had a blast of course!! She kissed one of their dogs is what I was told! Lydia is staring to get a cough I think from me!( Sorry Lydia) Lydia got to go over to see the Cunningham's on Monday and had lots of fun. Thanks Tim and Shonda!

At her Mother' Day out this week she sings Mary had a Little Lamb. If any of you have heard her speach, it sounds like, "Eddy had a yiddle yam!"

Plans are to go to a pumpkin patch this week and get Rachel's 3 month pics!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Laughing Outloud!

Laughing outloud and talking to us is her latest thing! She will just hoop and go on forever with her laughing! This was at 06:30 a.m. when she was" wide eyed and bushy tailed"! Lydia helps us by making funny faces and trying to tickle her.
Lydia loves her Macaroni and cheese! If she is told to eat her green beans first, she will cram all the beans in her mouth as fast as she can just to get to eat her mac& cheese!!