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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Georgia Aquarium was nice but very crowded to be during the week. The girls were most excited about the shark and huge whale shark! I really want to carry them to Orlando Sea World next for sure!
The girls enjoyed The Cheese Cake Factory but I think I enjoyed it too! Avery has been several times with work so i was glad to enjoy it too! we had to take a picture!

Stone Mountain Georgia

Stone Mountain, Georgia was fun for all. it had great small kid friendly things. We got there on Monday and left Wednesday for Georgia Aquarim in Atlanta. We were going to stay wed night but decided sleeping girls in the car was a great travel atmosphere.
I am not a good car rider so know that any far trip will be flown to if possible! Both girls cried when we left. Had to make our official "goodbye mountain" , "goodbye duckie boats, " goodbye train"..etc.
Remind us to tell you about the 4D movie of "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Lets just say the sign that said"May be too intense for smaller children was not kidding". i had to pull Lydia from the ball she was in to get her out of the movie. Bad parents....I even pulled my feet up when something rubbed my leg under the can I effectively calm my child down if I am scared?
We had a great time none the less!!

Lydia had her graduation ceremony from Belle Aire Preschool. She was so happy. One pic is of her teacher Miss Melissa, another is her friend ,Anna! The pic of all 3 of us was our special Mother's Day picnic! I am so proud of Lydia she has got into the magnet school in the Boro. She will start McFadden in the fall! My baby is going to school!!!