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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Warm weather Outing!!

With the warm weather, we got both girls out. I couldn't find Rachel's other hat so had to wear the hospital hat. Lydia had to have her Dawg ear muffs and Grover. Rachel fell asleep in the warm sunlight. Lydia got out and played in the leaves I was trying to pile up for Avery to mulch up with mower. This was a fun day outside. Avery put up Christmas lights on the house while it was still warm.(plus with the France trip soon, he needed to get that done)

Sesame Street Live

November 16th was the day that cousins got to see Sesame Street Live together and sported their cute shirts!!!!Believe it or not, this was a good picture considering the ants in the pants!!

Sesame Street was a blast! Lydia danced and laughed with her cousins!! To see more pics , go to the Watt website . Thanks Karen for driving us in your cool van( vans CAN be cool, thought I would never say that). Lydia loves her Big Bird and plays with it and Grover all day!!! I can't wait to do more stuff like this!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

We girls went as Ragedy Ann's. It was raining so we did a Shelbyville trip to the grandparents houses. Rachel's first Halloween! Lydia really liked getting candy and wanted to open every piece! Rachel got fussy on the way back home because she is not used to riding in the car in the dark! As soon as I sat in the back with her she stopped crying! Lydia continues to be a good big sister and help me with her( she is still jealous though).